Celebrating British achievements and success

2009 August 26
by Henry

I gave a brief chat on BBC Oxford yesterday about my view of how the British celebrate their achievements. This was a few days after England beat Australia in the third test and won the Ashes. One of the points I wanted to make was how understated British achievements are in the citizenship test. There’s barely any mention of any what I think are remarkable achievements. Take for example Britain’s long history of inventors and scientists. From Netwon and his numerous theories to Tim Berners-Lee inventor of the World Wide Web. Culturally, Britain has made significant contributions to music, art, literature, fashion, film and theatre. There’s no mention of The Beatles, Elgar or Pink Flloyd in the test. One my personal favourite achievement is that British engineers (with the help of the French) built Concorde. An extraordinary achievement.

You can listen to my chat with Louisa below. If you’ve got a suggestion for a particular British achievement that we should be including in the citizenship test then please leave a comment.

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